What we do...

We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide access to tools and training so you can make whatever you can imagine. Our goal is to create a community of makers, builders, artist, inventors, and hackers who combine their knowledge and ideas with the tools available to make cool stuff. We strive maintain a DIY philosophy and use and contribute as much to open-source technology and knowledge-base as we can.

We've acquired an ever-expanding collection of tools and technology that go far beyond what most people have access to. If you have an interest in microcontrollers, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, or CNC-based tools, this is the place to be. In addition to that, we have complete sets of tools for metalworking, woodworking, bicycle repair, electronics, jewelry-making, and sewing, as well as computers loaded with design software, a vinyl cutter, and a 3D Printer. We're working on a plasma table, CNC router, and CNC mill conversion. A laser cutter is our next major tool purchase. Members have access to all of this equipment without having to worry about maintaining and storing it all. We provide classes so you can learn to use these tools to create amazing things. 

MAKE Ventura is focused on creating opportunities for Members. Create something you'd like to sell, and we'll help you place it on display online and in the MAKE Ventura Store. Once you've learned a technique or would like to share a skill, we'll help you put together a class and have it placed on our Events Calendar, and you can become a paid instructor. We want members to fill the calendar with exciting classes and demonstrations, and fill the store with interesting local, handmade items. Even if you don't think you have the skills to put on a class or make something people will actually buy, you can gain those skills here.

Come by MAKE Ventura and have a look around. Press the button below for information on joining our membership program:


Who we are...

Dave Armstrong  Founder/President

Dave Armstrong


Dave Strain  Executive Director

Dave Strain

Executive Director

Paul Billock  Founder/Tech Director

Paul Billock

Founder/Tech Director

Where we are...

Located in the heart of Downtown Ventura, in the MAKE Ventura Building at 2051 Cabot Place, Suite K, Oxnard CA 93030


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