Tear-Down : Sony LCD Screen

This was a partial tear down to begin with. It was a Sony flat screen television which I 'rescued' from by the dumpster a year or so ago. It had apparently suffered severe blunt force trauma which ended it's usefull career as a TV. I took it out of it's plastic shell and sent that through the recycle stream. I saved most of the other parts which can be seen in these photos. The screen portion is what I was most curious about.

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Daniel's E-Bike Build

Daniel had been trying to get his electric bike built for months, until he recently joined MAKE Ventura and gained access to A LOT of tools, space to work on his project, and a community of knowledgeable people to help him. I'd put together a few hub-mounted ebike kits, and hadn't been happy with the way they'd changed the weight distribution of the bike. Daniel's mid-drive kit intrigued me, because not only was the weight better distributed (no heavy wheels), but he could still use the rear derailleur to change gears, which instead of creating an inefficient single-speed like a hub motor, created the equivalent of a 7-speed electric motor-driven transmission. How cool!

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