Tear-Down : Sony LCD Screen

This was a partial tear down to begin with. It was a Sony flat screen television which I 'rescued' from by the dumpster a year or so ago. It had apparently suffered severe blunt force trauma which ended it's usefull career as a TV. I took it out of it's plastic shell and sent that through the recycle stream. I saved most of the other parts which can be seen in these photos. The screen portion is what I was most curious about.

Some requisite photos to get the other odds and ends out of the way:

One thing I learned about these boards is that there is different types of solder that melts at different temperatures. I learned this when I was trying to demonstrate to someone how to unsolder a component. Fun times!

*If you are interested in more detailed shots of these circuit boards for harvesting components let me know. *

Now to the screen

The outer metal shell is held together with 8 screws. This shell holds the LCD screen onto the rest of the parts.

Below the LCD there is a plastic frame which holds the LCD in position, and contains the layers below it. This simply snaps onto the bottom part of the frame.

Below the plastic frame there are 4 translucent sheets. (picture coming soon)

I used a USB 'microscope' to get some close up shots of these four layers to help differentiate them.

The first is thin and opaque. It has a dimpled pattern and while transmits light, it is not enough to really see through.

The second layer is almost like a frenel lens of sorts. You can see through it, but it bounces light through at an angle. (picture coming soon)

The third is pretty much the same as the first.

The fourth is thicker and more like a clear plastic, but obscured because of the irregular pattern on it.

Underneath these plastic layers is simply a void containing what looks like very small diameter flourescent tubes.

There were also a few small supports to keep the diffusion screens away from light source.

There was one strip of screws along the one side which I could have taken out to absolutely wrap up the tear down, however, It came to mind that I could perhaps use this structure to make a light table. a few more supports would be needed to make sure it can support some work being done on top of it, but other than that it just needs connection of the board and should be just about ready to go.

Oh, at the end, with the USB microscope out, I snapped a shot of the LCD screen, and you can just barely see the RGB color filter layer.

I hope you enjoyed this tear down. If you want to know more about these layers, google 'LCD screen layers' and knock yourself out! There is a ton of information out there. If you have things you want to tear down, we have the tools to do it. Whether it is something at the end of its life and you want to learn how it works, or something that you are just curious about. This is a great way to learn about things in the world.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.