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Knifemaking Part I

This is the first of six sessions on knifemaking. In this session, we'll discuss blade shapes and types of steel. Each of us will design a fixed-blade knife profile (on paper or using the vinyl cutter), adhere it to a piece of steel bar, and cut out the pattern on the metal-cutting bandsaw.

In Knifemaking Part II, we'll grind our bevels and discuss handle options.

In Knifemaking Part III, we'll discuss heat-treating methods as we harden and temper our blades. We'll test our knives using our durometer, which measures the Rockwell C Hardness Scale.

In Knifemaking Part IV, we'll etch our names on the blades and attach the handles.

In Knifemaking Part V, we'll sharpen and polish our knives. Polishing can be the most dangerous part of knifemaking, as a buffing wheel can grab an edge and throw the blade across a room, or straight at you. It can take a lot of practice to do safely, so we'll figure out a safer way to do it using a clamp and a jig.

In Knifemaking Part VI, we'll finish up by making a sheath. Michael will walk us through how to cut, stamp, burnish, lace, and dye a leather sheath, and we'll also go over how to heat-press and rivet a Kydex sheath.

By the end of this series, you'll have a good foundation in knifemaking, sheatmaking, heat-treating, sharpening, and polishing. And you'll take home what could likely become a priceless family heirloom.

A $60 fee for MAKE Ventura Members covers material costs and some custom tool fabrication. That's $60 for 6 sessions! Sessions will be repeated regularly, so don't worry about missing one. Sign up below with Amazon or PayPal:


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