+ How do I become a member?

You can join MAKE Ventura through our recurring online Paypal subscription, or you can pay cash in person at the makerspace.

+ Do you offer memberships for children?

Children under the age of 16 require parental supervision when working at the shop. The workshops are not suitable for children under the age of 10.

+ How long does my membership subscription last?

Our monthly membership subscription lasts one month, starting from the day you start your subscription until midnight of the same day the following month. For instance, if you purchase a subscription on January 1st, your membership expires on February 1st at midnight.

+ I only want to come in and do this one job. Do you offer day passes?

No. Currently, we do not offer day passes. You have two options. You can either join the makerspace for the monthly fee (and go through all the necessary on-boarding tasks which takes about 1 hour) OR you may negotiate with an existing member of MAKE Ventura to perform the task for you. The decision is solely within the discretion of the existing MAKE Ventura member who must also be certified for use on the equipment being used. NOTE: Please do not heckle our members or you will be asked to leave.

+ How do I volunteer?

MAKE Ventura is always looking for interested parties willing to provide their time to keep the shop open, clean and maintain the workshop and equipment. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us via email or phone, as advertised on our website.

General Shop Questions

+ What hours are you open?

Our most current hours are posted on our website. They are: Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 2pm to 10pm, and Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm. Shop closures will be posted on our Events calendar.

+ Why are you closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

MAKE Ventura has no paid staff members. We do have unpaid volunteers who give their precious time to keep the shop open during our advertised hours. However, their numbers are few and not enough to cover every day and hour of the week. If you are interested in volunteering time to keep the shop open during these hours, please contact us via email or phone.

+ Do you have computers I can work on?

Yes. Members have access to desktops with access to the internet to work on. They are not very powerful computers, and may not always be able to run the latest greatest applications. MAKE Ventura is not responsible for any files or devices left on our computers and do not guarantee that they will be available the next time you come in. We highly recommend you bring in your own laptop or notebook to work on while at the shop and take home your files when you leave. Internet access is provided for members only.

Workshop and Equipment

+ What do I need to do to start working at the workshop?

1.) Start a membership subscription, either online through Paypal or in person at the space. 2.) Go through a short initiation process with a MAKE Ventura staff or volunteer.
3.) Sign a liability waiver.
4.) Watch our safety and orientation presentation and fill out the general safety test.

NOTE: This last step takes about 30 minutes to an hour, please allow enough time on your first visit.

+ Can I come in and just use XX equipment at the workshop?

No. Not all equipment is available for use unsupervised. Unless you have demonstrated sufficient proficiency at using the equipment safely and correctly, you may not use certain equipment unsupervised. If there is a machine that you would like to use, a staff member or volunteer may supervise you through the safe and correct way to use the machine. After you have demonstrated you know how to use the machine in a safe and correct manner, unsupervised use may be granted by a staff member.

+ I just want to use a “relatively harmless tool” at the workshop, do I have to watch the safety presentation?

YES. All members must watch the safety presentation before working in the makerspace. Even if you are only using, what you consider, a relatively harmless piece of equipment, the person next to you may not be. Therefore it is important that ALL members of the makerspace are aware of the safety hazards and dangers inherent in the working space. NO EXCEPTIONS.

+ Can I store projects and raw materials at the space?

Yes, within reason. We have a limited amount of space available for our members to use and store equipment, projects and raw materials on a first come first served basis. Anything you can fit within a banker box (rough dimensions of ~24 x 15 x 11 inches) may be stored within one of our locked member storage closets. Larger materials may be stored temporarily at the space as long as they will be used within the next couple of days. We highly recommend you put your name and contact information on the materials. MAKE Ventura assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or misplaced items stored at the space, so store items there at your own risk.

+ I don’t know how to use this equipment. Can you show me how to use it?

We have volunteers who give their precious time to open the shop and guide members through the safe and correct use of our equipment. Due to the small size of our shop and limited resources, not all volunteers may know how to use ALL equipment. Your best bet is if you know what particular piece of equipment you need to use, to contact us ahead of time and schedule demonstrations and training.

+ I have a project in mind, but don’t know where to begin. What do I do?

The great thing about a makerspace, besides the shared workspace and equipment, is the shared knowledge and experience of our members. Come by the workshop, tell us about your idea and network with the other members. We know you will find someone who can get you started in the right direction.

+ I have a high priority project that needs to be done ASAP, can I bump someone from the machine?

NO. Our equipment is on a first come first serve basis. If someone is currently using the equipment, then you must wait till they are finished before you may use it. However, if you ask nicely, the person using it may trade off with you at their discretion. Please allow sufficient time to complete your project, being aware that all equipment may not be available when you arrive at the space.

+ Why are your machines so filthy?

MAKE Ventura has no paid staff members. Unpaid volunteers donate their time to help keep the shop open and train other members. Machine maintenance and cleanup is the responsibility of ALL MAKE VENTURA MEMBERS (including you). Therefore, when you are finished with a machine it is your responsibility to clean it up and stow it properly. With your help, we can keep our machines functioning to the benefit of ALL members. Failure to properly clean and stow equipment will lead to the loss of that equipment for all our members.

+ Why is machine XX not working?

It is a fact of the shop that equipment breaks down over time and use. MAKE Ventura has no paid staff members to perform regular maintenance on our equipment. Therefore it is the responsibility of ALL MEMBERS to properly clean and maintain the equipment. If you notice that a machine is not working properly, and do not know how to fix it, please DO bring it to a volunteer or staff member's attention. We will try to have it fixed ASAP.